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Web Statistics

Revised: July 08, 2010



Web statistics are provided by MOREnet for every kinetic service web site and you can review them over the Web. These statistics provide details about the operation of the web site and its visitors, such as the visitors's domains, the number of requests to your site, and the words they searched for on your site. A variety of statistical reports are available, including statistics by day, week, and month.

Viewing Your Site's Statistics

To view the web statistics for your site, specify the following URL in your browser and replace your-domain-name with your site's domain name:


On this page, click on the "Web Statistics (ReportMagic)" link.

The web statistics page displays with links to daily, weekly, and monthly reports. Click a link to view the statistics for the specified time period. Note that each page of statistics is divided into reports that describe a different aspect of activity on your site.

Important: Seven daily reports, five weekly reports, and twelve monthly reports are provided. Daily reports are overwritten with each new day of the week, weekly reports are rotated and overwritten every week, and monthly reports are overwritten with each new month of the year. If you need to keep a report beyond its lifespan, use your browser's Save As feature to save the report as an HTML file for reference at a later time.

The web statistics pages cannot be edited. However, you can customize the header and footer used in the pages. You must have web publishing permissions which allow you to edit content in the /www/custom/ directory to modify the header and/or footer. The header and footer can be edited as described in Custom Headers & Footers.

Interpreting Your Web Statistics

MOREnet uses an application named Analog to generate the daily, weekly and monthly web statistics data. More information is available on the Analog web site regarding the reports and what the results mean. After Analog has generated the data, ReportMagic takes the data and creates a menu-based web report with graph summaries.

Important: Analog/ReportMagic use the web server logs to generate the web statistics. If you would like to use your own log analyzer to generate reports for your site, you can use FTP to download the log files. More information about the log files is provided in Web Site File Guidelines and Directory Structure.

Web Page Views by Month and Trend Graph

Beneath the links for the web statistics are additional monthly reports generated by MOREnet titled Web Page Views by Month and a trend graph of web page views for the current year. Click one of the links to see a report of all of the pages accessed on your site for the specified month. Review the trend graph to see how page views on your site change throughout the year.

Note that a page view is a single request to a page or directory on your site. Each Web Page Views by Month report includes the total number of page views for your site, and the total is divided into views for each page and directory. A percent value of the total number of page views is indicated for pages and directories as well. Note that each report is sorted by the number of page views by default. Click on the link titled Page Views sorted by Page to see an alphabetical listing by page and directory.