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Web Site Management  
  FAQ about Web Site Services  
  Introducing Your Web Site  
  File Guidelines and Directory Usage  
  Publishing to Your Web Site  
  Apache Web Server  
  PHP/Perl Application Server  

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Web Site Management

Each kinetic server is configured with a web server, MOREnet-provided applications, a search engine, and reporting tools.

Frequently Asked Questions about Web Site Services
A collection of notes about web site hosting and the kinetic Service

Introducing Your kinetic Service Web Site
An introduction to features of your kinetic service web site

Web Site File Guidelines and Directory Structure
A primer on file name conventions, default index pages, and default directories

Publishing to Your kinetic Service Web Site
Information about using FTP to publish content to your web site

Apache Web Server Resources
Reference for the web server, SSI (server side includes), Web Access Control for password protecting areas of your site, and custom headers/footers

PHP/Perl Application Server
Application Server details, PHP and Perl guidelines, database access and best practices