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PHP/Perl Application Server

Important: MOREnet support for the PHP/Perl Application Server (AppServer) is for the server environment itself. If your organization is interested in having a web site enabled with an Application Server, please contact MOREnet at or call either (800) 509-6673 or (573) 884-7200 for additional information. MOREnet does not support the applications you may install within the AppServer. If you need assistance with an application you have installed, MOREnet may be able to assist you on a case-by-case basis. This is dependent on staff time available and whether MOREnet staff have sufficient knowledge of the application in question to be able to assist. Any member-installed application assistance will be done on a consulting basis and hourly consulting fees will be charged.

MOREnet manages application servers for deployment of customer web applications. Web applications can utilize a MySQL database, send e-mail, and provide dynamic content to supplement your web site.

PHP/Perl Application Server Overview
An overview of the kinetic Service PHP/Perl Application Server
Tested Applications
PHP and Perl applications which have been tested with the Application Server
Other Resources
Other resources related to PHP and Perl application development, MySQL, and best practices.