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Apache Web
Server Resources
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  Server Side Include (SSI)  
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Apache Web Server Resources

The following documents will help you make the most of serving web content with the Apache web server:

Apache Web Server
Reference documentation for the Apache Web Server from the Apache Software Foundation
Server Side Include (SSI)
This tutorial from the Apache Software Foundation details Apache's SSI abilities. SSI allows you to add special tags to your pages that are interpreted by Apache when it processes requests for web pages. SSI is an excellent way to add common elements such as headers, footers and site navigation to multiple pages from a single source, or add dynamic content such as last modification dates to your files.
Note: For Apache to process files with SSI, name the files with a .shtml or .shtm file name extension.
htaccess Files
You can use Apache htaccess files to alter your sites behavior, control access to different parts of your site, or redirect requests to new or different web pages.
Web Access Controller
Use this tool to password protect areas of your web site