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Configuring MOREnet-hosted Email

Revised: May 30, 2014

Settings for All Clients

User Name: Always use your complete e-mail address.

Incoming Mail Server:
Choose between using IMAP or POP for your email client. POP is useful if you have one central email client which you always use and have a need to keep all email content on that client (no email is left on the mail server once you retreive your email). IMAP is useful if you use multiple email clients from different locations. (IPhone™, WebMail, work email client, home email client, etc.) IMAP leaves the actual email on the email server until you delete it. You also have the choice between encrypted or non-encrypted IMAP or POP. Encrypted incoming email provides added security since your user name and password are transmitted over an encrypted connection.

MOREnet recommends using IMAP or encrypted IMAP (also called "IMAP over SSL") for best security and flexibility.

Incoming IMAP over SSL Mail Server (encrypted):

  • Server:
  • Server Port: 993 SSL

Incoming IMAP Mail Server (non-encrypted):

  • Server:
  • Server Port: 143

Incoming POP over SSL Mail Server (encrypted):

  • Server:
  • Server Port: 995 SSL

Incoming POP Mail Server (non-encrypted):

  • Server:
  • Server Port - 110

Outgoing Mail Server:
To ensure secure email service, prevent spamming, and provide ease of use for our members, MOREnet's Managed Email Hosting Service provides SMTP Auth/TLS for outgoing email.

Outgoing SMTP Auth/TLS Mail Server (encrypted):

  • Server:
  • Server Port: 587 Auth/TLS
  • This is also seen listed in some email clients as "TLS", "SSL", or "Over SSL")
  • Some clients have "My outgoing mail server requires authentication". If you have this, set it to 'yes' or check the check-box for it.

Example Email Client Settings